Being On Board An Alien Craft

Being on board an alien craft is common among alien abductees. Along with missing time, these are two of the things usually mentioned in alien abduction reports by contact experiencers. And they are usually there for different reasons. Denise Stoner is a lifelong experiencer who has been having contact with E.T. entities since she was … Read more

The Brooklyn Bridge Alien Abduction Case

Brooklyn Bridge Alien Abduction

When famous ET-related events are discussed, the Brooklyn Bridge alien abduction probably doesn’t get the same recognition as Roswell, Travis Walton, Pascagoula and Rendlesham Forest. But playwright and ufo researcher John Steiger set out to change that when he published a must read book titled The UFO Trilogy in 2020. It’s a unique publication because … Read more

Men In Black Encounters: One Man’s Eerie In-Home Experience 

Men In Black Encounters

Men in black encounters may be more common than we think. When they happen, it’s usually following a ufo sighting or experience of some kind. The men in black are one topic that creates enormous interest in the ufo-believing community. We’ve provided many accounts here at Aliens Revealed Live. In this article, we feature another … Read more