Can Paranormal Counseling Normalize Your Contact Experiences?

The idea of paranormal counseling may sound a little far-fetched. To receive counseling for issues regarding mental health and other problems is considered normal.

But how do you think people would people react if you told them you went to see a counselor because you were being visited by extraterrestrials? Or you were seeing ghosts? Or fairies? Having near death experiences? Or your wall opened up and you went through it into another dimension?

In today’s society, you would still get a few sideways looks. If it was twenty years ago, you may have been invited to spend a little time at some facility for treatment.

The world of the paranormal today however, is becoming less and less strange to people. It’s almost as if ET’s, ghosts, ufos, Big Foot, other dimensions etc. are becoming more normalized.

Look at the proliferation of information out there on the paranormal. On YouTube, Facebook, podcasts and websites – this one included.

There is so much out there about paranormal events with experiencers now having easy access to platforms to share their experiences. People aren’t shocked anymore.

And that’s a good thing.

But with so many experiencing paranormal activity, hasn’t this opened up the counseling aspect to become a normal thing.

Dr. Melanie Barton says yes. In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, Dr. Barton, a lifelong contact experiencer herself says, she’s been counseling paranormal experiencers for several years. And the biggest concern they have about what they went through is the fear that people will think “they are crazy”.

How Does Paranormal Counseling Help Experiencers?

Dr. Barton talks about being just a four year old and meeting a three foot grey alien named Robbie.

Robbie became her guide. When she started school, her guide told her he had to leave because he couldn’t go to school with her.

It’s just one amazing event in Dr. Barton’s life from childhood through adulthood that she has experienced.

But could she simply talk to anyone about it back then. Of course not. Paranormal counselors weren’t around in large numbers, if at all.

So like most experiencers, she kept it to herself. She admitted that when she started having her experiences at a young age, she simply thought it was something other people went through as well.

But they didn’t and for the longest time, Dr. Barton remained silent.

What Do Experiencers Want More Than Anything?

Paranormal Counseling Tips
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It’s fair to say that what experiencers want more than anything is to get some normal perspective on what they have been through.

Dr. Barton says when she first talks to her clients the first thing they express to her is “are they going crazy?”

That’s a fair question right? As a five year old starting my first day at school, I walked with my mother who held me by the hand through our front gate and onto the sidewalk.

As we were about to commence our mile walk to my elementary school, I let go of her hand and let her move about ten yards ahead of me.

I stopped and suddenly the environment around me began to slow. It was as if I was in a very slow moving spin dryer.

Everything around me went into slow motion and I suddenly remembered for a brief moment that this was an all too familiar scene for me.

The experience lasted for about twenty seconds and as I came out of it, I could hear my mom calling my name and telling me I better hurry up or I would be late for my first day of school.

I responded immediately with, “But mom, I don’t want to do another twelve years of school”.

In Australia, you do seven years of elementary school and five years of high school. How would I know that as a five year old child?

And why would I be so reluctant to want to do it all over again?

Had I been here before? Wait. What?

That was the first experience I had that I remember. But who could I have spoken to about it?

Getting A Physical Healing From The Paranormal Experience

Dr. Barton says in her role as a paranormal counselor, she wants to help people normalize the situation.

She helps them to figure it out and find out what the purpose of the experience was.

Dr. Barton says in many cases, experiencers will already have a family connection to their experiencers.

Unbeknown to them, someone in their family either living or from previous generations were experiencers.

She helps them get comfortable with it and learn from it. But what about healing? Do they need heal from their experience.

“A lot of times what’s happening is that they’re getting a physical healing from the experience”.

“For many of them, there are different kinds of tools that are used on their body as has been on me”.

“And so you’ll see marks on your body like fingerprints or a bruise or an indentation. For me, it’s like three circles, three little dots and a half circle”.

“And that to me is evidence they’ve worked on me”.

“So I will talk to the person and I will ask, ‘okay, do you have any physical ailments?’ And if they answer ‘yes’, I’ll ask them to describe it to me”.

“They do and I then say, ‘well, when this experience happened, what happened with those physical symptoms’?”

“And they say something like, ’you know, it’s been better’. I then say, ‘okay, there might be a connection’.”

Dr. Barton says speaking about to a trusted paranormal counselor should be a path that experiencers follow.

She says that those who have tried to forget about what they experienced are not very successful at it.

She says, “It’s just like trying not to think about pink elephants. It keeps running through your mind”.

Will Paranormal Counseling Become Normal?

The truth is, it’s almost to that point now. With the recent announcements about unexplainable aerial phenomena in our skies by the U.S. government alone providing some evidence that this paranormal stuff is real.

Dr. Barton says not everyone is ready to speak to someone about what happened to them and most will look for encouragement from other experiencers.

That’s why paranormal experiencers relate their stories to the public. To encourage others to come forward and let them know what happened to them was real and they are not alone in this.

In the following interview, Dr. Barton talks about her experiences and how they helped shaped her life.

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