Betty And Barney Hill: The First Documented Alien Abduction

The first documented alien abduction occurred in 1961 in the New Hampshire White Mountains.

At the time, it caused more than a reverberation, not just in the United States, but around the world.

It happened fourteen years after Roswell and up until this stage, just hearing about a ufo sighting was considered shocking.

But an alien abduction?

Kathleen Marden is the niece of Betty and Barney Hill and she has spent a lifetime not just defending her aunt and uncle’s experience, but others as well.

She is one of the leading researchers on the topic of alien contact experiences having authored several best selling books.

Marden is also well known around the world as the former MUFON Director of Experiencer Research, a post she held for a decade.

Some of her research is described as groundbreaking during her tenure there and she is very much a sought after speaker on the ufo conference circuit.

You can catch up with some of her findings in the report, UFO Abductees and Experiencers.

Her latest book is titled Forbidden Knowledge: A Personal Journey From Alien Abduction To Spiritual Transformation.

Eighteen months ago, Marden updated another of her earlier books in Captured! It’s a comprehensive look at the Barney and Betty Hill story.

Legendary researcher Stanton T. Friedman was a co-author with Marden on Captured!

A Torn Dress Leaves Clues To The First Documented Alien Abduction

First Documented Alien Abduction
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Betty and Barney Hill didn’t ask to be put in the world spotlight. Being abducted by other worldly beings is not something we pray for.

Marden has told their story many times in the past but no matter how much she shares it, it makes for riveting listening.

In Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience Betty’s star map and damaged dress created enormous interest. The dress was a good indication that the Hills had been through a traumatic experience.

“When Betty arrived home from their trip on September 20, 1961, she noticed that her dress was torn in several places”.

“The lining was torn from waist to hem line. The hem was torn down on one side. The top of the zipper that ran up the back of the dress had a two inch tear in the stitching and a one inch tear in the thick zipper fabric”.

“She didn’t remember how any of this happened. It had been in very good condition”.

So she placed that dress in her closet, knowing that it had to b  repaired. She forgot about it. But the next time she took it out, it was covered with a pink powdery substance”.

“So she thought about throwing the dress away because at this point she realized it was ruined”.

“But she decided to keep it in case it held a clue to what happened to her on that night”.

“She had these memories of finding herself on a dirt road with tall trees all around, a roadblock, a fiery orb and about two hours of missing time”.

“The dress has undergone scientific analysis up to eight times at this point”.

“This is something that has defied explanation to this point”.

Betty Hill’s Star Maps

Betty and Barney Hill
Betty and Barney Hill. Photo By John G. Fuller (deceased) /Copyright owned by the University of New Hampshire.

Marden expands on the chapter detailing Betty’s star map experience.

While husband Barney was described by Marden as the “primary patient” during the abduction, Betty’s revelation of the star maps may have be the most fascinating aspect of the entire experience.

“Betty had undergone her physiological exams. She was left alone in the room with the being that she called the leader”.

“She had lost her fear of him”.

“So Betty said to the leader, ‘I know you’re not from around here. Where is your home?’ And he produced this three dimensional star map that almost looked like she was looking out a window into space”.

And some of the stars on this map were connected by solid lines. There were two large stars in the foreground and several more stars that were the size of pinheads”.

“There were stars that were connected by two solid lines and stars connected by three solid lines. And there were stars that were connected by broken lines or dotted lines”.

“Betty was made to understand that the solid lines represented trade routes while the dotted lines represented expeditions”.

“So this star map was published in the first book that was ever written on Betty and Barney’s experience”.

Marjorie Fish was an elementary teacher and amateur astronomer. She took the data in Betty’s map to see if she could find the aliens home base.

Her initial work was quite accurate but the home base eluded her.

Stanton Friedman got involved in the early 1970s and with scientific research, the area identified on Betty’s star map are known as Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2. They can be seen only from the Southern hemisphere.

The Alien Abduction That Still Captivates The World

As the first documented alien abduction, the Betty and Barney Hill experience still makes us sit up and take notice whenever it’s mentioned.

Sure, with what we know now, alien abductions have probably occurred for thousands of years.

Kathleen Marden’s path in life was chosen when her aunt and uncle were thrust into the spotlight.

Her work in this field has been revealing and nothing short of amazing. Captured! should be on every ufo believer’s reading list.

Marden talks about the torn dress and the star maps in the following interview. She discusses why the skeptics came so hard at the Hills, how important it was for Stanton Friedman to get involved, have alien contact experiences become normalized and what the Hills experience did for the study of the alien abduction phenomena.

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