Battle Between Good And Evil – Author Overcomes Odds To Expose Evil

The battle between good and evil – it’s the plot for most books and movies.

Many authors and producers will tell you it’s the recipe for success just as long as you can present it in a way that resonates with the audience.

But most of these stories are fiction and the truth is, we as a species love a hero and dare I say it, despise a villain.

Author Bruce McDonald has written two best selling books in recent years, Stardust Ranch and The Light Of Darkness.

Both very much deal with the battle between good and evil. But the only difference with McDonald’s work is, it’s not fiction.

Stardust Ranch owner John Edmonds spoke to us about his Arizona property and after hearing what he had to say, yes, you get the feeling he’s been dealing with something sinister. You think Skinwalker Ranch sounds nasty, Stardust Ranch probably has its measure in the “scariness stakes”.

Battle Between Good And Evil

Good versus Evil
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Light Of Darkness tells the amazing story of former Navy Seal Robert Wiegand. McDonald describes his story as a warrior’s tale for our time.

After reading the book and listening to Wiegand give a rare interview, I couldn’t disagree.

When I was putting this article together, I wasn’t sure how to approach it. There’s just too much to include.

So I thought I’d approach it from the author’s “side of the fence” and let McDonald lay the foundation for how he came to write both books. To understand the author, I needed to let you know what he went through to get Stardust Ranch to the publisher.

When McDonald finished writing Stardust Ranch, he thought he needed to take a break. After all, the resistance he experienced in trying to finish the book would have scared most people off.

But McDonald is a fearless and determined reporter. He had to be. How do you resist something supernatural that’s hell bent on preventing you from exposing something sinister?

Interference From The Greys

McDonald had trouble getting Stardust Ranch finished.

He actually quit the book because the interference became overwhelming. Can you imagine portals opening up in your home that came with an almost unbearable odor?

This is part of his description during our interview.

“Let me tell you what it was like writing Stardust Ranch. So there was a lot of grey interference”.

“Now, I felt the grey’s presence. I didn’t see them materialize, but they were around me”.

“I describe it in other interviews as a little bit of white noise in the back of your consciousness, constantly bothering you like Chinese water torture”.

“And it was building and building and building to a level of irritability that I couldn’t finish the book”.

“By the way, this is what happened in 2012 and why I quit the book”.

“I didn’t realize I was being ‘psychically’ harassed by the greys, but I needed the solitude and quiet of this rain forest retreat (Costa Rica) to isolate the phenomenon and go, ‘oh my God, this is what happened in 2012’.”

“They showed up in my dreams”.

“I was having portals open up in my home. Very, very visceral portals; very low level portals marked by a distinct smell”.

“And the smell is like dying organic material, rubbing alcohol, copper and blood all mixed in together with a slight sense of an electrical charge after a rainstorm”.

Battle Between Good And Evil – Do We Live In A Satanic Luciferian System?

While talking to McDonald about The Light Of Darkness, it was clear he faced similar resistance writing it.

His subject Robert Wiegand seemed as McDonald puts it, spiritually primed to deal with the challenges he’s faced.

One interesting aspect of our interview was when I asked McDonald about the section of The Light Of Darkness where Wiegand talks about the devil.

Not only that, but his confirmation that we live under a satanic Luciferian system?

McDonald’s description of what it would be like to meet the devil will have you reaching for your crucifix. (Warning: skip to the next section if you have a weak stomach).

“Bob is not the first person I’ve met who claims they’ve met this entity and they all describe it the exact same way”.

“It’s like imagining the worst smell you could possibly imagine. And that is what we mean by the unclean one”.

“Imagine being in a room – a small windowless room. Sitting on the floor surrounded by rotting flesh and maggots and the smell of death and just the smell of decay”.

“And to the point that you’re going to vomit. That is pretty much what this entity feels like around you”.

“Well, we do live in a satanic Luciferian system. Everything is inverted from its stated intent, right?”.

“The education system makes you dumber. The medical system makes you sicker and the financial system makes you poorer. The legal system robs you of justice”.

“All of the stated intent of the practicing institutions now are operating in their inverse. How did that happen right? How did that happen?”

A Message For The Human Race

McDonald says Wiegand has a message for the human race.

The following excerpt is part of my interview with McDonald. The full interview will be available sometime early in the new year during the next Aliens Revealed Live Online Summit.

McDonald talks about how he ended up writing The Light Of Darkness, Wiegand’s grounding for the fight he’s fighting and his thoughts about the battle between good and evil.

That answer will surprise you.

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