Are UFOs Of Extraterrestrial Origins?

The question are ufos of extraterrestrial origins might get a few “snickers” from an audience which is understandable.

But when you examine the evidence through the mind of an engineer or a scientist, the argument they don’t and originate within our neighborhood could be easily made.

Dr. Mark Carlotto is a fascinating man who studies the evidence.

I mean, he really studies it. With over forty years of experience as an engineer and scientist and expert in satellite image processes to remote sensing to pattern recognition, the verdict may be in.

And with eight published books to his credit and over one hundred technical papers published, his findings may not be what the real hardened ufo believer wants to hear.

In fact, I was a little surprised. But after it sank in, it actually seems that the evidence for extraterrestrial life may be even stronger.

Confused? Don’t be. When you deal with scientific facts and evidence your conclusions are confined with what’s presented to you.

But as we know, there is nothing normal about the ufo phenomenon. Looking at it through the eyes of a human being, we tend to work within human boundaries when analyzing the data.

It’s almost as, “if we can’t do it, they nothing can do it”.

But when we’re dealing with possible civilizations, thousands, even millions of years ahead of us, what is normal.

Dr. Carlotto says there is no doubt the phenomenon of ufos is real, but it’s a complicated scenario.

And he will admit he is not the best ufo investigator out there. He never intended to be. He’s a scientist  and engineer first and prefers to let his evidence do the talking. And one question he asks is where are the extraterrestrial radio signals.

Are UFOs Of Extraterrestrial Origins Or Something Else?

Are UFOs Of Extraterrestrial Origin
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Dr. Carlotto says the ufo topic is complicated. He says there’s no doubt it’s real and that it’s been with us since early biblical times.

But Dr. Carlotto says even though ufo reports are “through the roof” today, and it’s something we are observing that appears well beyond our understanding of it, he still can’t get an answer to the fact that we still don’t have one radio transmission from a distant galaxy.

And you know, looking at it through human eyes and means, that’s a fair observation.

“There have been countless false alarms”.

“You know, we know the paradigm. It’s what you see and when you watch a movie like Contact, it just hasn’t happened that way”.

“So if that’s the case, then consider how our technology if we’re typical, in how we’ve developed”.

“First, we developed physics and the capability of radio and television. Then rockets and space flight. And our information technology is going up at Moore’s Law rate”.

“It’s just growing at an incredible rate. Information technology, anything having to do with information, DNA sequencing, the number of transistors on a chip in memory densities. All that sort of thing”.

“You look at rocket technology and we’re talking about Artemis and Starship”.

“Starship is a chemical rocket. These are all chemical rockets fifty years after Apollo. We’re still talking chemical rockets”.

“Now they’ve got supercomputers and advanced technology and they have incredible capabilities, but they’re not ion or nuclear propulsion means of doing interstellar travel”.

“So in a sense, our rocket technology has sort of plateaued out, whereas our information technology has continued to increase”.

Is Humanity A Typical Universal Civilization?

While we may ask, are ufos of extraterrestrial origins, another question that needs to be examined closely is whether humanity is a typical universal civilization?

In other words, is the way we do things, communicate, live and evolve the same as another civilization out there in the universe?

Would it be arrogant to say that yes we are and every civilization started out or has evolved the same way as us?

The answer is probably no because if we were all the same and communicated in exactly the same way, then the odds the signals we’ve sent out into space would have been picked up, interpreted and responded to.

But the truth is, they haven’t.

“If we’re typical, then that means there’s a lot of civilizations out there in space that should be communicating and omitting radio waves”.

“So we should be picking up signals. But but because interstellar travel is so hard and because it’s harder to make an interstellar spacecraft than a cell phone, there shouldn’t be any ufos or any of this type of phenomenon”.

“But the reverse is the case”.

“There are no signals but there are tons of ufos. So it’s a conflict”.

“And so based on this paradigm, it suggests that ufos are not extraterrestrial. That it’s a different phenomenon”.

“Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t extraterrestrials. Or, you know, I don’t want to be categorically denying this or that, but it seems like the evidence suggests that may not be what’s behind the phenomenon”.

“Maybe it’s something else. And I’m sort of tending to lean towards other other possibilities”.

So, Are UFOs Of Extraterrestrial Origins..Yes Or No?

Well, to most of us the answer is yes. But According to Dr Carlotto’s research and that of other scientists, there must be some doubt that this is the case.

Maybe extraterrestrials are picking up our signals but refusing to respond to them. Maybe they don’t use radio signals. Or maybe, they use a different, more advanced type of communication.

And we get back to the question of whether we as a civilization are typical with other civilizations out there.

In the following interview with Dr. Mark Carlotto, we examine this conundrum deeper. Dr. Carlotto looks at the work S.E.T.I has done and whether they have been manipulated.

And why were the Apollo and space shuttle programs eliminated?

Dr. Carlotto’s latest book, Not Of This World: An Emerging Picture Of The UFO Phenomenon answers a lot of these questions.

Dr. Carlotto expands on then in this interview. He also answers several intriguing questions such as:

– is Elon Musk’s vision of humankind becoming a multi-planetary species the next stage in human evolution?

– are there aliens “out there” waiting to detect a warp signature or some other indication that we have reached an advanced stage of technological development and are ready to join them in a galactic federation as in Star Trek?

– is reality something completely different?

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