Are Crop Circles Alien To Alien Messages?

Are crop circles alien made? Are crop circles alien to alien messages or, are they alien at all?

These and many more questions like them have been asked and investigated ad infinitum over the past six decades and the truth is, we are no closer to an answer on crop circles than when they first hit the headlines.

To be honest, while research still goes on, the interest in crop circles may have waned slightly due to the recent revelations on the alien front.

The release of footage by the U.S. government in recent years being some of those revelations.

But the topic of crop circles and whether they are alien-made continues to fascinate many in the ufo and alien fan realm.

Barbara Lamb is one of the most respected researchers in the ufo field. She’s a certified counselor and hypnotherapist and has done a lot of research in the field of alien contact experience.

But she’s also well versed and researched in the area of crop circles. While contact experiencers have been the main focus of her research in recent years, she produced a landmark book on crop circles with co-author Judith Moore in 2001 titled Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols.

Lamb had been visiting England for more than a decade before producing Crop Circles Revealed.

Some of the topics covered included included the attraction of crop circles, how they are made and their meaning.

When I spoke to Barbara Lamb on this topic the two questions that have intrigued me for many years about are…

…are crop circles created by aliens just because they can and are crop circles alien to alien messages?

Bear in mind, it’s still yet to be proven whether they are alien or human-made.

Are Crop Circles Just Aliens Sending Messages To Each Other?

Are Crop Circles Aliens Sending Messages To Each Other
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But let’s suppose they are alien engineered and created by extraterrestrials.

Have we been misreading why they are being created. Many assume they are some type of message to us, one which we need to decipher. The message may pertain to the future of humanity.

But could they be messages and signals to other ETs? Could they represent some type of guide post for other aliens or some type of code that needs to be deciphered by them?

Lamb was fascinated by these questions when I put them to her in our recent interview.

While she acknowledges that the authors of these crop patterns are still yet to be determined, she’s pretty much on the side of alien theorists. And that is the genuine patterns are created by other worldly beings.

“Oh what great questions”.

“First of all, we don’t know absolutely for sure that these patterns are done by extraterrestrial beings”.

“But I personally feel very strongly that that’s where they’re coming from”.

“They’re coming from above and they’re coming from another intelligence that is off our planet, most likely from what we consider extraterrestrial beings from other planets out there in the cosmos”.

The Supernatural Event That Activated Her Interest

Lamb’s interest in crop circles was activated through what can only be described as a personal supernatural event.

She was attending a lecture. She seemed drawn to a picture on a notice board which turned out to be a crop circle.

What followed triggered her fascination for these mysterious patterns.

“My first take when I was very first aware that there was such a thing as crop circles was when I was at a big lecture forum”.

“And I noticed in the program for the lectures that there was a funny little picture that turned out to be a crop circle”.

“I didn’t really know what it was other than a little pattern”.

“And the title of the lecture was going to be something like ‘Mysterious Patterns in the Fields of Britain”.

“Well, I saw that and immediately what felt like an explosion of light through my body”.

“That’s what it felt like”.

“And then, immediately after that flash I had this thought, ‘oh, we’re being communicated with from beings out there’.”

“Now at that time, it was several months before I ever did my first regression session with a person who was having extraterrestrial experiences”.

“The crop circles came first in my life by six months or so”.

The Purpose Of Crop Circles

Everyone seems to have their own there own theory why crop circles are made.

Lamb says that’s okay. She thought long and hard about the two questions above. Despite all her intense research on the topic, she’s still none the wiser on why they’re created and what their message is.

“We can only guess about what their purpose is. But it certainly seems to be kind of a wake up call”.

“I think for a lot of people, knowing about crop circles makes them think, ‘gee, maybe there’s more to reality than we have thought, or maybe there’s something else that we haven’t known about that’s making these patterns. What, could that be?’”

“Lots of people have sort of been awakened to the reality about extraterrestrial life because of the crop circle phenomena”.

“And then in all fairness, we have to say that there are many people who don’t think in those terms. That’s perfectly okay”.

“And they think the crop circles were pulled down somehow from the earth as if the earth somehow has these patterns in it”.

“There really are quite a number of different theories”.

“And even to this very moment, I don’t think anybody knows the whole truth about crop circles”.

In the following interview, Lamb looks at the question, “are crop circles alien”.

She also looks at whether anyone has seen a crop circle created, the difference between genuine and hoax patterns and whether there is a connection between each of the genuine crop circles created around the world.

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