Are Aliens Good Or Bad? How Would You React If ET Showed Up?

Are aliens good or bad? This question will get some real debate going if asked on a social media platform today.

I’m not sure what side you’d be on but in my time reporting on ufos and aliens, opinion seems in favor of the good alien.

But my numbers might be a little skewed. I’ve interviewed more than a hundred contact experiencers in the past eighteen months with about two thirds reporting benevolent experiences.

The ones who reported their visitors were malevolent backed up their claims with disturbing testimony.

I had no reason to doubt them as they had nothing to gain financially.

To those who mock contact experiencers who claim their alien visitors had nothing but bad intentions all I can say is, maybe “walk a mile in their shoes” before passing judgement.

Are Aliens Good Or Bad?

Are Aliens Bad Or Good
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One of the problems with assessing whether aliens are good or bad among a group of people is overcoming what I call the romanticism of alien contact.

Most passing judgement have never had a contact experience.

But the idea that ET would want to harm us in any way just isn’t possible. Much of this thinking comes from the big screen.

One of the big offenders is a favorite movie of mine called Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. It apparently was inspired from real-life witness testimony.

But then we have Independence Day with the ETs message loud and clear to humanity…die!

So what camp are you in? Are aliens good or bad?

An ET Investigator’s Viewpoint

Earl Grey Anderson is one of the nation’s leading UFO investigators. Based in Southern California, he’s been plying his skills for several years investigating some unusual cases.

When I asked Anderson are aliens good of bad in an interview during Aliens Revealed Live, his response was very interesting.

Anderson brought up Dr. John Mack’s famous quote when he described people as suffering ontological shock when first encountering an alien.

In other words, they’re in a state where they are forced to question their own view of reality.

And as I mentioned above, unless you have ever been in this situation, it’s hard to pass judgement on whether an experiencer is telling the truth or not.

And in most cases, experiencers have nothing to gain but plenty to lose reputation-wise.

So, Are Aliens Good Or Bad?

Anderson has heard both sides of this argument in the hundreds of alien and ufo cases he has investigated.

“That’s a good question. I think that a lot of people when they first have a visit feel ontological shock”.

“That was the term that Dr. John Mack used. People will feel very afraid when confronted. They will paralyze people”.

“But it depends on the person you talk too. The experiencer research team I’m part of did a study involving thousands of different abductees and they all had markers that we found were similar”.

“Seventy per cent of the people were telling the same story’.

“And while some people felt like the entities were making their lives difficult, others  said, ‘well, I love my entities’.”

“Like the gentleman from Homeland security. He stopped having visits for a little while. Then I got this frantic call from him. He said, ‘my ETs aren’t coming around anymore. Are they done with me or what?’”

“Eventually they started coming back. I heard the stress from this guy because they’re the same entities he’s known all his life”.

“Again, seventy per cent of the people we asked said that if they could make it stop tomorrow, they wouldn’t. They feel like they’re part of something cosmic”.

“That’s important. But you do have people that if they could kill their entities, they would. They wish that they could throttle them and cause them some harm and damage”.

“I think there’s various beings visiting us here on earth. I don’t think that it’s just one thing that’s going on. There’s different motives involved”.

“But it is happening. People are coming forward. It would surprise you if you knew who they are. Some of them are well known public figures”.

Do You Have A Story To Tell?

For those of you who have a story to tell, what’s your verdict? Are aliens good or bad?

We at Aliens Revealed Live continue to talk to experiencers from all walks of life. Despite the positive comments we receive about aliens, they are always interspersed with the negative experiences of others.

The following is the full interview I did with Earl Grey Anderson. He talked about what it takes to become a good ufo investigator, how skepticism plays a major role in solving cases, why ufo sightings are on the up and up and good and bad aliens.

Anderson also gives his thoughts on what the world would look like post disclosure.

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