An Alien Hybridization Program Is Happening In All World Cultures

An alien hybridization program is happening all over the world. People are being visited by alien entities everywhere, not just the United States.

That’s the conclusion from renowned researcher and author Paul Wallis. And it’s a conclusion that’s hard to argue with after the many interviews I’ve conducted with experiencers from different cultures.

The striking similarities in their stories is remarkable.

This is not an American phenomenon. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Wallis has gathered a lot of information in the past five years. 

His Eden series of books have proved to be a sensation. Just when you thought you had heard all the evidence, Wallis has produced his own stamp on the alien theory, firstly in Escaping From Eden and the connection to the book of Genesis.

Then in The Scars Of Eden where he drilled down further into this phenomena and more recently with Echoes Of Eden. And all this from a man who spent thirty years in the church, much of it as an Archdeacon with the Anglican Church.

Alien Hybridization Program? Who Are We?

Wallis’ fascination is with our human origins. Who are we? Where did we come from? Have we confused who God really is? Did aliens have anything to do with our creation?

Actually, most of us have had the same questions but those questions were usually contained within our own minds and never allowed to be heard.

After all, we’d be certified right? I remember clearly during a religious instruction lesson in elementary school asking “if God is spirit, then why does he need a fiery chariot to move around in?”

That got me booted from the class.

Paul Wallis has gone after the truth without fear of ridicule. 

And in today’s environment, with the Pentagon virtually admitting they can’t explain a lot of aerial phenomena in the skies, maybe we owe those accused of being conspiracy theorists an apology.

One of the reasons many experiencers remain silent is the ridicule factor. 

That was a huge issue even ten years ago, but into the 2020’s, the stigma attached to alien abduction has started to wane.

No, it’s not anywhere being normalized yet but with recent events, we’re getting there fast.

Who Do You Know That Has Had A Contact Experience?

Wallis says it’s not uncommon for people to have been touched by the alien contact phenomenon somewhere within their family or circle of friends.

“My mother-in-law said to me that our family is very, very close to another family where this happened”.

“And she told me about this girl who disappeared for three years. I say girl, she was an young adult and she disappeared for three years”.

“She then reappeared on Anloga beach in Ghana. When she found her way home, she looked like she’d been through some kind of trauma”.

“And her parents expected her to talk about a failed elopement or a kidnapping or slave trading or sex trafficking or something like that”.

“And it took her a while to tell them. But the story that emerged was that the reason she hadn’t been able to contact them for three years was that she’d been held in an underwater base”.

“She had been used to produce children. And the people who had held her were not human”.

“Well, her parents didn’t expect to hear a story like that from their own daughter”.

“But they knew the notes of that story because Ghanians have reported experiences like that for hundreds, maybe thousands of years”.

The Alien Contact Phenomenon Is Coming To A Town Near You

Wallis cited that hearing this story which was so close to his own family, triggered something inside him that made him want to dig deeper into the alien evidence.

And he has left no stone unturned. 

“When I heard that from so close to my own family, it sent me on a new journey all around the world”.

“And I realized that these experiences are reported all around the coastal regions of Africa. They are reported in the Caribbean. They’re reported in Brazil, Cuba, Haiti and as far east as the Philippines”.

“In the Philippines, they have vocabulary that exists only to tell this story”.

“Those words have roots in India. You can then go into Europe. I mean, the whole of Europe is named after an ET abductee”.

“Europa was the daughter of a king of Phoenicia. And she was abducted by a non human being. She produced three hybrid children, one of them being Minos, the progenitor of the Minoan culture”.

“This is the beginning of Europe and Europa. So my eyebrows were off the top of my head by the time I’d reached that part of the world”.

“And then you can go into the Nordic countries where the same stories repeat into India”.

“You’ve got the stories of the kings, very similar stories. The Celtic peoples have exactly the same stories with all these same bizarre notes. Abduction, hybridization, underwater bases, look human, but not human”.

“And again, that was just the beginning of the story. When I set out to write the Scars Of Eden, I didn’t think the abduction phenomenon would figure that much in the book”.

“I didn’t want to go that much into it Because I know people really struggle with it”.

Alien Hybridization Program – What Does Your Research Tell You?

On the surface, an alien hybridization program is hard to digest if you have never even thought about aliens.

To be honest, after reporting on alien contact events for several years, I can say that the acceptance has been surprisingly encouraging.

I expected a lot of pushback. Actually, it’s been the opposite. People have become more accepting of stories of alien abduction, alien hybridization, alien contact.

One of the reasons is through the efforts of people like Paul Wallis. They are “dragging” this topic into the mainstream.

It’s being seen by people who have had experiences but have been too afraid to tell their story. Many of these people are now being emboldened to come forward. Still with trepidation but with a relief that they aren’t the only ones having gone through or are going through alien contact experiences. Paul Wallis says:

“It’s hard enough for people to do business with the idea of a populated universe let alone being in contact with alien entities; let alone being abducted, let alone hybridization”.

“But I found that the moment you start listening to world mythology, to folklore, to our ancestral memory, you can’t avoid this question of another presence and the abduction phenomenon”. 

In the following interview with Paul Wallis, he tells Aliens Revealed Live viewers why he pursued the human origin question. He also talks about his own experiences and God’s hand in our history. And he touches on the Pleiadians and an intergalactic federation plus an end game.

Wallis also cites some of the most interesting experiencer stories he’s come across.

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