Alien Truth – Stanton Friedman’s Fight To Expose The UFO Truth

What is the alien truth? Questions such as do aliens exist? How much does the government know? How deep does the UFO cover up go? Were there alien bodies recovered at Roswell? How real is alien abduction?

The list of questions is long…very long?

So, after more than seventy years, have we got any clearcut answers? Can we categorically declare that the alien truth is real?

It’s a strange set of circumstances. The evidence is all around us. People have seen things that supposedly don’t exist.

They report it and are lauded by those who believe yet ridiculed by those who don’t.

But for ET landing on the White House lawns and declaring himself real, we’ll continue to be stuck in this stalemate of the believers and non-believers.

Stanton Friedman – The Alien Truth Warrior

Stanton Friedman Alien Truth
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Stanton Friedman did a lot to bridge the gap between those who believe aliens exist and those who don’t.

But for Friedman and his ability to fight back against the skeptics – many who were just instruments for those working hard behind the scenes debunking the UFO phenomenon – the divide may still be vast.

Friedman was up for the fight and usually won. His legendary battles with Philip Klass will go down in UFO folklore. 

Friedman never really backed down from a fight.

In fact, many of us may have been under the impression that Stanton Friedman made it his lifelong mission to go after UFO debunkers. It seemed a case of playing offense rather than defense.

If that’s the case, then that sounds like the perfect blueprint to smash through the alien truth barrier.

Grant Cameron Weighs In

Fearless researcher Grant Cameron recently sat down with me to discuss Stanton Friedman and his fight for the truth.

Cameron had the opportunity to sift through Stanton Friedman’s massive arsenal of files. He says there were two things he was interested in finding – the MJ-12 document and an incident that occurred in the 1970s.

That latter involved a scramble of jets out of Cuba for a UFO that the national security agency had picked up.

Cameron’s interest in Friedman’s huge file showcase centered on these two things – and of course, the skeptics.

“So those were the two main things that I think Stan was basically working on. Then there  was the skeptic thing of trying to hammer on people who really didn’t know what they’re talking about and that flying saucers did exist if you actually looked at the evidence and didn’t ignore it. It was for real and the fact that there was a control group that was running the whole show”.

That summed up Friedman’s distaste for skeptics. He went after them. Offense rather than defense.

The following excerpt was part of my interview with Grant Cameron. We cover his file legacy, MJ-12, his battle with skeptics and his relationship with other researchers. 

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