Alien Abduction Research – Hundreds Report Abductions Every Month

Alien abduction research has revealed some startling numbers in recent years.

In fact, what many might consider to be rare, it seems that the complete opposite is the truth.

Kathleen Marden is a leading UFO researcher.

Her interest in UFOs and contact began back in 1961 when her aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill had an abduction experience.

It happened  in New Hampshire’s White Mountains area.

Their case has gone into UFO folklore as one of the most famous cases of all time.

Alien Abduction Research Numbers

Alien Abduction Experience
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During Aliens Revealed Live, Kathy Marden revealed a startling statistic from her alien abduction research. It will stagger most people. 

Marden is the director of the Mutual UFO Network’s Experience and Research team. When asked how prevalent alien abduction was, this is what she said.

“I became aware of the fact that we have an average of a hundred individuals every month who want to speak to a member of our team”.

“They are in need of  a caring, compassionate, nonjudgmental listener. One who can give support and information on where these individuals can go to seek professional help. Or to join a support group for experiencers”.

An alien abduction event used to be greeted with plenty of skepticism.

Mostly, it was an event for the media to exploit to sell more newspapers or get more “bums on seats” for television ratings.

They would bank on the shock factor to sell it.

The reality is that the number of people experiencing some type of abduction or contact event is a little more than the odd case people hear in the news.

This is following extensive alien abduction research. Overall numbers quoted to Aliens Revealed Live spanning several decades may total into the seven figures mark.

That’s staggering. Why isn’t this top of the agenda for the media?

If that shocks you then consider why you have never heard of these large abduction numbers.

In fact, part of the reason was given above.

Alien Abduction Ridicule

The media’s callous attempt at adding shock factor to these types of stories is enough to make any experiencer cringe. They baulk at coming forward to tell their story. Kathy Marden says being ridiculed is not something anybody will handle too well. 

“I think that’s the main reason that people keep it to themselves. They might have attempted to tell a close relative and that person laughed at them. They may have asked them what they’d been drinking or what they had been smoking before they had that happen”.

“There has been the fear of ridicule ingrained into our American society over a period of the past 60 to 70 years”. 

“So the general public has an image of individuals who’ve had these alien abduction events. Perhaps being the toothless residents in a rundown trailer park somewhere, or individuals who have psychiatric disorders. Nothing can be further from the truth”.

“This is happening to people around the world in all societies, religions, education – in all socioeconomic groupings, and certainly people who are very mentally healthy.”

“I’ve received reports from military officers, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, engineers and scientists.”

Alien Abduction Research Needs Safe Havens For Experiencers

Marden says her team offers experiencers a safe and caring environment to relate their stories without the fear of ridicule.

It then becomes a whole different ball game.

“So it is just the sheer number of individuals out there who are seeking understanding”>

“Some kind of support and some information that will help them to investigate their own UFO abduction experiences”.

“For example, how to make it and if they wish to end this, what to do if they want to go public with this story. What they can expect”.

“An environment to help experiencers come to terms with what is occurring in their lives. To determine whether or not it is ET or something else and it just goes on and on from there”.

Alien Abduction Research Shows Abductees Face PTSD

There are consequences to having abduction experiences for many people whether it is good or bad.

It’s been discovered during alien abduction research is that even if people have a benevolent experience, it’s usually followed by post traumatic stress disorder.

“I have discovered that regardless of whether or not contact is highly positive or negative, it is traumatic”.

“It causes PTSD in many individuals and it appears that part of the issue is that they know something has happened to them. However, they cannot remember all of what occurred”.

“They have probably read negative information in the media because that tends to be what the media focuses upon.

I guess fear sells. So they anticipate that those memories are going to be highly negative. That they were going to be treated very poorly, regardless of what happened”.

Reported Abductions Low For Good Reason

Marden says the reason former alien abduction numbers have been low is the fear contact experiencers have in telling their story.

Ridicule is a powerful deterrent and their seems to be some aspect of the public hell bent on discrediting abductees.

“There has been a history of public ridiculing informants who invent a scenario and propose that scenario as an alternative to what really happened to that individual. And some of them have gone as far as launching ad hominem attacks on individuals who have had this happen”.

“Often times they wanted to have this information remain confidential, but it was just thrust into the public’s attention by the media”.

“Sometimes, as was the case in my aunt and uncle’s case, there was a violation of confidentiality that took the story to the public. And Travis Walton’s case – he had actually gone missing for five days before he was dropped off by this craft and then reappeared”.

“And so there were individuals who attempted to destroy their reputations and their character; to cause them to lose their jobs.”

Who Does An Experiencer Talk To?

If you are reading this and have kept your experience quiet for fear of ridicule then now might be the time to join a safe and caring environment. You don’t need to go public.

Kathy Marden says by contacting her team at Mufon, you will be invited to have a confidential telephone or Skype conversation.

“That is why I set up Mufon’s Experiencer Research team the way I did. We are the support arm of Mufon and we have about 30 specialists that individuals can go to confidentially. Their information is not going to be given to the public and their names are not going to be released”.

“They can go to and then scroll down to the experience or research team. Then they click on the link to the experience or research teams page. At the top of the page is the experiencer questionnaire that will take you to thirty very simple “yes and no/“true or false” questions. People then complete those questions and it does not matter what your score is. It means absolutely nothing.”

If you are ready to share your experience, speak with a Mufon Experiencer Research Team member.

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