Alien Abduction Experiences – Taken By The Wrinkled-Brow Aliens

Alien abduction experiences don’t come more bizarre than Bruce Cornet’s 1981 event. Cornet was virtually taken by aliens in plain sight.

It had similarities to another famous abduction case. Travis Walton’s abduction garnished worldwide interest in 1975. Walton was snatched from an Arizona forest by aliens with his horrified crew looking on.

Cornet’s incident occurred near Richmond, Virginia, just six years later. It went virtually unnoticed and unreported.

Cornet was snatched from his work trailer and was returned there one hour later. His crew were completely confused about what happened to him.

This is Cornet’s account. It’s an alien abduction experience he had kept suppressed for more than a decade.

Cornet was regressed fourteen years later. He learned that he had been taken on board a ship by what he describes as wrinkle-brow aliens.

Alien Abduction Experiences – Wellsite Was Unlike Any Other

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When I interviewed Cornet about what he calls the Wellsite abduction, his description of the incident was incredible.

He recalled almost every minute of his abduction.

From the moment he was taken from his bunk, transported through a wall up to a ship and examined by the wrinkle-brows.

When I scheduled the interview, I was of the opinion this was Cornet’s first contact experience.

It wasn’t. There’s more to this amazing story which we will reveal in a future post. Now though, I wanted to dedicate this article to Cornet’s episode at Wellsite.

Most of the excerpt from my interview with him features Cornet reading from his actual regression therapy notes with therapist Fred Max.

Media Miss This Alien Abduction Experience

alien abduction regression
Bruce Cornet undergoing regression therapy in 1995

There’s little doubt the media missed an opportunity with Cornet’s alien abduction experience.

While the real details didn’t emerge until he had his regression therapy, lack of coverage was evident.

“I had an experience not unlike that of Travis Walton in the woods about six years after his experience”.

“I have told ufologists about my abduction which happened before my entire drill crew on an October night in 1981 near Richmond, Virginia”.

“But have not gotten the response that Travis got”.

“In my case, I wasn’t taken for five days and there was no involvement from the police, psychologists, a polygrapher, newspapers or even Phil Klass”.

“My crew chose not to talk about what happened, and I could not remember it until I was regressed 14 years later”.

“We were drilling the Bailey No.1 wildcat well”.

“My crew all saw me taken, found me missing and described seeing me returned in a beam of light to my bunk in the mud logging trailer in a wooded area being logged for trees”.

“I was returned hypothermic, in great pain and injured, yet couldn’t believe my crew’s story. Actually, I didn’t believe what my crew had told me. I was gone for about an hour, not five days”.

“All I remembered was having a nightmare in the bunk and thinking that I had missed seeing the UFO“.

“I kept seeing these small people floating me through the trailer wall. I had no vocabulary for alien abductions then”.

Alien Hybrid Program?

Wrinkle-Brow Aliens
Cornet’s sketchings of the wrinkle-brow aliens

As I mentioned, there is much more to this story than “meets the eye”. Detailed alien abduction experiences are rare. This one is very detailed.

What you’re about to hear is Bruce Cornet’s Wellsite account. This is just one of the alien abduction experiences he’s had.

The nature and description of the Wellsite abduction is so vivid and shocking that it needs to be presented in isolation.

We’ve talked a lot about alien hybrid programs at Aliens Revealed Live. Cornet says he was part of a hybrid program which for him, began in 1967 on a trip to Buffalo.

That’s an article we’ll be presenting after the new year.

I want to warn you that some of the description presented by Cornet in the following interview may be of a graphic nature.

I asked Cornet to take us through the abduction experience from start to finish. From when he was taken from his bunk to the moment he was returned.

He reads the the actual conversation he was having with his therapist Fred Max during his regression therapy.

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