A Real UFO Crash Mystery Covered Up By The Dreaded Men In Black

When Robert Earl White’s mother witnessed a real ufo crash in 1991, little did she realize the intimidation she would endure to keep quiet.

White was four years old at the time and clearly remembers a visit by two men dressed in black suits and wearing hats. They showed up within twenty five minutes of the crash.

Now known as the Lower Alloways Creek Incident, it took place at night in rural South Jersey on April 21st twenty nine years ago. It was explained away as a helicopter crash.

Not many would have heard of this real ufo crash event simply because the men in black were effective with their intimidation tactics and cover up of the event.

But White has decided enough is enough and he is going after the truth.

And since we interviewed Robert Earl White, he has become very active in getting to the truth of alien visitations to this planet.

This Real UFO Crash Could Have Become The Eastern States Roswell

White has labeled the ufo crash as the Lower Alloways Creek Incident. Without the swift intervention by the men in black and the military, this may well have become the eastern United State’s Roswell.

A ufo that virtually crashes in your backyard is scary enough, but it didn’t compare to the intimidating men in black suits that turned up.

In an interview with Aliens Revealed Live, White declared:

They were very intimidating – more scary than the UFO that crashed. I’m telling you, the men in black are scarier than the aliens themselves.

White is determined to get the truth about the Alloways Creek incident out there. Now 33, he is on a crusade to make sure this doesn’t disappear among the black hole of previous ufo and alien cover ups.

It’s amazing it’s been kept quiet this long considering the number of witnesses who saw the ufo crash and the evidence White has gathered in his pursuit of the truth.

White’s mother, who was 22 at the time, sadly passed away in March this year. She stayed true to her word to the men in black and didn’t go public with her story.

A UFO Crash, A Blue, A Grey And A Nordic

UFO Crash
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During their visit, White said the men in black performed regression therapy on his mom.

They were leaving no stone unturned in their quest to discover just how much she knew.

But before the therapy, she was asked to draw three different types of aliens. White thought this was an extremely strange request.

The story takes a twist when she drew a grey, a nordic and a blue alien.

“Up until this point, my mom other than just noticing weird things such as waking up with scars and having strange dreams, had no idea what was going on”.

“And through this regression, it all came back to her. This is a phenomenon that went back to her childhood. She just dealt with it and that night, it all came back to her”.

The Men In Black’s Chilling Parting Words

Once the regression therapy was over, the men in black suits reiterated to White’s mother that what she saw was just a helicopter crash.

Seeing a real ufo crash and wanting to share it with others would excite most of us. Seeing a helicopter crash probably not as much. But Robert Earl White’s mother was only thinking of him when she heard the men in black’s parting words.

“They said ‘okay, before we leave tomorrow, there are going to be media people coming here plus UFO investigators’.”

“They said, ‘when they come, you will say it was a helicopter that crashed or we will take your son away’.”

“And you know, a lot of the things that my mom brought up during hypnosis kind of spilled the beans on some of the things she really knew”.

“It didn’t help our case at all. You know, my mom was terrified. You heard her last question. They obviously knew she cares about her son. So they made the threat and they went on their way”.

White To Continue On His Truth Crusade

White said his mother asked the men in black three questions. It was the third that revolved around the safety of her son.

She was only concerned about keeping her son safe. That was strong enough motivation for her to comply with her intimidating guests.

The Lower Alloways Creek Incident is a fascinating real ufo crash story. White is determined to make sure it gets it’s due recognition.

In the following excerpt from my interview with White, he describes the ufo crashing, the visit by the men in black and the revelation that his mother was an actual contact experiencer.

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